Obsidian Platform (English)

Obsidian is a revolution of blockchain platfrom which created in C# with coin technology that evolves from Bitcoin. Obsidian Platform offers you “Obsidian Secure Messager” or “OSM“, a messager application which based on peer-to-peer connection.

OSM is a very portable/flexible device that connected to blockchain technology, offering an end-to-end message encryption by relying on Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellmann (ECHD). Obsidian has an id with 10 digits identification number which protected by Curve25519 Signing Key, so that  your security and privacy during the communication are guaranteed. OSM does neither has a correlation between your email nor telephone, and it also doesn’t has any connection  with your personal information.

By using OSM, sending a message naturally will be faster,  not only that OSM also can load a big-sized image swiftly but also you don’t need to spent your precious time to wait for the buffering, either it is a file you sent or get. With every single special node which run by each person, we are going to earn fee in the form of ODN coin.

Here’s the OSM : 

Watch demo footage here : Demo Footage of Obsidian Platform

Obsidian Platform Specification
Obsidian Coin (ODN)  is made with C# codebase that based from NBitcoin / NStaris project and implementation from Strartis Bitcoin Full Node which run in .NET Core Technology, therefore it will be easier to use for developer and can run in many Operating System, such as Windows,  Linux and even Mac OS X versions.

Obsidian Intial Coin Offering (ICO),  like we had explained in the former post is selling Obsidian Coin from Obsidian Platform with many bonus,  for the first week they sell ODN with 20% bonus,  while at the second week the bonus will be lowered to 15%, meanwhile for the third week the bonus will be dropped to 10%, after that at the fourth week you will only get 5% bonus and lastly,  at the last week you will not gain any bonus. Because now we had been entering the third week, you will only get 10% bonus. Don’t miss this change!.

Indonesian version : Indonesian Version.
For more information about obsidian platform, visit here : Obsidian Platform.
For more information about the ICO, visit here : Obsidian Platform ICO.
For detailed information, read the whitepaper : Obsidian Platform Whitepaper.

Thank you very much.


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