Trackr Initial Coin Offering (English)

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Trackr is a mobile application which offers real-time alerts on cryptocurrency market shifts as they are about to happen. The Trackr app offers an all-in-one interface for viewing and managing your portfolio, predicting cryptocurrencies that are considered safe to invest (based on historical analysis and market trends) in addition can allow users to set up watchers to alert to various cryptocurrencies Based on their innovation criteria.

Young investors in the cryptocurrency market afraid to investing due to the lack proper analysis and knowledge, and some investors only invest small-scale to test the ICO. Unfortunately, because of the increase in value of cryptocurrencies makes the scammer in the world of cryptocurrency is also increases.

For that Trackr create this application so that young investors don’t have to be afraid to invest, and those who are accustomed to invest will be more comfortable with this application. Trackr aims to alleviate all of the aforementioned issues and provide useful insight to the users that they can rely on and trust.

In the future there will be an option to use this application for free. But there will be limitations on the use of features that can be accessed. In alpha version all the features will be open and can be used for free, when the subscription model has been introduced some features will be restricted or reduced.

Trackr Key Features :
 – Streamlined Dashboard
Track your wallet addresses and individual cryptocurrencies, and view your portfolio value against purchase and market price using real-time data
 – Analysis and Insights
Performs analysis and provides insights on existing cryptocurrency trends based on your selected preferences
 – Trade Impulse Recognition
Automatic alerts for sudden trade events that might indicate profitable trade opportunities
 – Watcher Alerts
Intelligent notifications that trigger based on certain conditions that you specify for cryptocurrencies and exchanges
 – Machine Learning Predictions
Enjoy cryptocurrency and portfolio prediction models derived from historical data using AI and machine learning
 – Scalable Infrastructure
Whether you set up 10 or 10,000 watchers, our system will scale dynamically to meet demand

Trackr Token (TKR) is an ERC20 token that will be issued as soon the contribution has been made through a smart contract. TKR will be basis to provide services on the application. They will launch an online portal for Token holders, with this portal token holders will be able to vote on ideas in the future. ICO from Trackr will launch in August 2017. ICO sales are running for 30 days or until the sales limit is met.

For investors who want to buy this token in the first 2 days will get a bonus of 20%. After the first 2 days, this token will be contributed for 2 weeks with 10% bonus. On the 3rd week this token is contributed with a bonus of 5%. And any contributions after that will not get any bonuses.

For more Information about this project, please read on the website : Trackr Website.
For other information about team, and more please check here : Trackr Whitepaper.

For Indonesian version click here : Trackr Initial Coin Offering (Indonesian).

Thank you very much.


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